Dheepa R. Maturi is a graduate of the University of Michigan (A.B.) and the University of Chicago (J.D.). Her poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in PANK, The Fourth River, Tiferet, the Brevity nonfiction blog, Tweetspeak, Flying Island, The Indianapolis Review, and elsewhere. Her short story “Three Days” was a finalist in the Tiferet 2017 Writing Contest. Her short story "Following Margaret" earned an honorable mention in the 2018 New Millennium Writing Awards. She lives with her family in Indianapolis.

Why I Write


Throughout my life, I've longed for two things: to understand and to be understood.

Since childhood, writing has provided a lens through which to explore and comprehend the world around me. It has also allowed me to shine a light into my inner world — to discover what makes me breathe, hope, love.


The second part — being understood — has been harder. In order to be understood, I have to share my work. However, giving others this view of my deepest insides terrifies me. At every turn, though, I've found the encouragement, acceptance, and kindness of others. Being seen has been profoundly affirming, healing — even mystical at times.

In the past, I have worked as a lawyer and consultant. I've run a business as well as a nonprofit fund. But, slowly and surely, I'm transitioning from describing what I do to acknowledging who I am. I am a writer.


I am grateful that you have allowed me to share my work with you.

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