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"A Thread"


From you, a thread—

a history,

a song through millennia.

From me, a thread—

the ears to hear it,

and a voice to sing it, too.

On your trunk—

the rings of time

spiral backward

through cosmic dust,

further than my

comprehension reaches.

On my palm—

the rings of time

circle and coil,

and at last, I understand.

My rings

are also yours.

In your core, an offering—

I exist in you,

and you exist in me.

We share this life,

on this Earth full of life.

In my heart, a gratitude—

I exist in you,

and you exist in me.

We reflect the same light.

We hold the same thread.


Human existence means


and so, we cut the thread.


you are broken,

and now,

we are broken.

If only

human existence meant


"A Thread" first published in Leave Them Something (an Indiana Writers Center anthology)

Notes: "A Thread" is an ekphrastic poem based upon Edith Vonnegut's artwork entitled "Clear Cutting." Trees and topsoil comprise the fragile skin nourishing every living being on Earth. When I observed Vonnegut's painting, showing the decimation of those trees and topsoil, I visualized humanity recklessly cutting the threads connecting us to people and planet, to the detriment of all.

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